We laughed. We argued. We cried. And we loved.

It’s the summer of 2016 and two of my dreams are about to come true. Traveling with my best friend (Ben) who I have known for over 14 years by now and share the same passion for travelling with. With a camper van. The other of my many dreams coming true. Please fasten your seatbelt…… Read on

An unforgettable adventure

Linda (Fictional Name) wrote this article in English even if her English is very basic. So, I appreciate if you look over the typos and grammer mistakes. Enjoy the real and authentic story from Linda. “Sometimes it happens that one night begins with a madness and ends up becoming one of the unforgettable stories of… Read on

Youth and online dating in Panama

Been part of these generation is taff specially when the art of conversation is long gone, now we life in a word of applications and wifi, a word where is easier to chat instead of make a call; knowing that reality how is possible for a young adult accomplish meaningful relationship? How we can make… Read on