Tinder Answers (I) – What is the sense of Life and Love?

My first set of Tinder Answers… I use Tinder a lot! mostly to meet people, but sometimes I also use it to generate content for my project. So if I get the feeling I won’t meet the person or want to throw an interesting topic in, I go for my two favourite questions. You probably heard the podcast episode already if not I will link below. So my two favourite questions are “What is the sense of life” and “what is love”…. Sometimes I get funny answers, sometimes they are very short and shallow, but you barely hear the same thing twice.

After a while you also can kind of categories people. I mean I don’t ask them to answer the question to put them into a box right after, but it gives me a feeling of how much they think about those things. How much they are interested in the topic or how much effort they put into answering these questions. You all know that time is valuable and we tend to limit our energy to things we like.

For each blog I want to share 8 of this answers. Some I will comment a bit more, some I leave it blank for you to interprete. So, lets stop talking and see the first answers:

1. The girl, who has time

An unusual long answer. Typical Latin answer, because Family and friends are always first here. I do appreciate such an answer. She spent time thinking about it. Never the less it sounds a bit like a good girl.

2. This girl just don’t have a clue

Thats what I call A Tinder Quickie. Match and writing for 5 Minutes. Conversation is over after that. You can really try to keep it up, but it naturally feels wrong. One of the most common types in Tinder.

3. I actually can relate to that

Not a really long answer, but it feels naturall and spontanous. What you think? Would you keep going with the conversation. Funny, because I would switch the answers. Doing good for the world is more something for a life purpose and being happy is connect with love, no?

4. The Scientist

Maybe she get something with the first answer, but I didn’t get it. And yes, you maybe recognise, that I sometimes match with big girls… Well – how you swap? I bet most of the guy use the same technig I use in order to save time. I just swap right and choose later.

5. Annoyed by the sense of Live, but totally loved Love

That girl really got a bit annoyed by the first question, but when I think you just can deal with it something is floating you with emotions. One of the good answers related to Love. I think it is not just about People… Love is about everything!

6. Would you die for your beloved one?

Actually is rar that some people ask back right away. It shows interest! Most people just fall into this thinking mood. Not sure if I would die for someone, but hey who am I to judge. Plus point for trying to answer in english. Not always easy as a non-native speaker. So bare with me if you see a lot of mistakes.

7. Are you ready to feel Love?

Ok, lets get this done. Answer about love is a bit weird, isn’t it? Isn’t love a natural feeling? I mean of course you are or not ready for a relationship, but in general everyone is ready to love. Avarage answer…

8. Thats the girl I would date!

There is soo much right in this conversation. She picks up the numbers. Tells me that she is a analytic or organised person. Her answers are funnt, straight and to the point. Leaves a bit room for interpretaion, but is still well thought.

What is your favourite answer? How you find the Tinder series? You would like to see more? Let me know your feedback or suggestions. You wanna share your story? Let me know as well.