About Spoiled Mind

We all wanna know what Spoiled Mind is finally about. Lets see where it goes… Well, first of all a big welcome again. There are no clear rules, but we (the founder, owner, Co-authors and Guest authores) want to write about Philosophy, Psychology and Sex. Without any norm to be right or wrong. Just playing with thoughts and learn from stories. Hopefully stuff out of the daily life, because most of us don’t wanna study anything theoretically, right?!

A lot of stuff is all around us every day, but a lot of things happen without any kind of reflection and nobody really talks about it. Shame or being afraid of being misunderstand is a huge problem. We just wanna write about personal stuff and invite you to share your story, thoughts or whatever you think is worth sharing with others.

Lets be real! Which is kind of the motto of this page… When you talked the last time about sexual desires, dreams or fantasies? What turns you on? Why you feel mentally exhausted? What kind of behaviour influence your daily life? What is the sense of life or love? Damn! Lets fucking talk about it =)

Spoiled Mind is… a website with a community of people, who shares stories about Psychology, Philosophy and Sex.

Spoiled Mind wants… to inspire, make readers think and entertain.

Spoiled Mind shows… that there is more to talk about than the weather and other horrible small talk topics. BIG TALK! Lets talk about something you really like to discuss or hear.

Spoiled Mind shares… stories of all age, ethnic, figure and sexual orientation.

Spoiled mind loves… all kind of things, which are REAL and always around us, but not a lot of people really talks about.