Interview with Alexa before having Sex (Medellin)

    I had a couple of Interviews before and after having sex and I will continue so. I really like this kind of series as it shows several interesting things. I do think that we are always more open and honest after having Sex. We are open and talk more about topics we didn’t… Read on

Interview with PhD student – Sexual Stigmas and Sexuality

    PhD Student in Sociology – Sexual Stigmas, Gender Roles and much more It is a pleasure to interview such a gifted and knowledgable women doing her PhD in Sociology. This podcast is very long (38 Minutes) but you can’t keep the topics in 10-15 Minutes. I also don’t want to spoil you with… Read on

Mexico Hookup – Interview after having Sex

    Interview after having Sex in Mexico I love to hear the mood after having Sex. It is so much more relaxed. Of course, we may sound a bit childish, but that’s probably all the endorphins. We talked about her first experience squirting and she did was surprised that she could do it again…. Read on

Mexico Hookup – Interview before having Sex

    Interview before having Sex in Mexico A very exciting Interview. It was the second of its kind (first interview of this kind). But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Mexico on Tinder. Actually on a day where I just arrived and she was looking for someone… Read on

Why I like older women

    First of all let me tell you that I don’t just date older women. I still meet and date younger girls. It is a preference and I am happy to share and explain it. There are a lot of different people out there. You can have your preferences and also happy if someone… Read on

How and Where to find Sex

    that will be a short article, because most things are said in the podcast. It is more less about the different places I know and what my experience is with different kind of ways. Also have to add that most of the places I will describe are online or social media. Tinder Tinder… Read on

Valuable Connections, How close you need to be?

    An interesting topic I got into after matching with a girl from Tinder, who lives in the US. But let me get there step be step. It starts with a normal match. I think it was Mexico, but at the end it doesn’t matter. She was not at the place anymore. I was… Read on

Guatemala Hookup – Interview after having Sex

    Iterview after having Sex in Guatemala Here we are with the second part of this great interview. She was a bit shy and didn’t know what to say but after couple of minutes she was fully in it again. I really love that she had such fun with me and she really got… Read on

Guatemala Hookup – Interview before having Sex

    Iterview before having Sex in Guatemala A very exciting Interview. It was the first of its kind. But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Guatemala on Tinder. We chatted a bit couple of days and decided to meet up to have sex. She also agreed to… Read on

First Psychology, Philosophie and Sex Podcast Episodes

I published my first 3 Podcast Episodes. Honestly I pushed that out for soooo long that I am happy it is done and I am totally happy with the result. Sometimes it is hard to please myself with work or things I have done, because I am a kind of perfectionist. So I just didn’t… Read on

My 2 Favourite Question

I wouldn’t call it spoiler if I tell you right away what this questions are. The first one is “What is the sense of life?” and the second is “What is Love?”. I ask this questions to nearly everyone I meet on my travels. I also ask girls on Tinder and Co. Also started to… Read on

I am a Feminist

I tried to find a topic for each topic (Psychology, Philosophy and Sex), but Psychology is always kind of hard sometimes. So I picked something, which is kind of important for me, but also a mindset subject rather than a theoratical theses. I am a bit afraid I burned myself on this topic. because with… Read on