How and Where to find Sex



that will be a short article, because most things are said in the podcast. It is more less about the different places I know and what my experience is with different kind of ways. Also have to add that most of the places I will describe are online or social media.


Tinder is probably the most famous way to find Sex. It is easy, casual and still not that bad. I know it has a bad reputation, but how easy is it to unmatch someone?  I would love to have more options and filter. For example if someone looks for something casual, friendship or serious. Also what the person is into. At the end it just matter to meet someone and see from there. I often wanna check out in advance but if you agree to something and it doesn’t work out, it is weird.

What I also don’t like is the time you invest. I don’t want to check 100 profiles in 1-2 hours and swipe right in case I like the girl, because sometimes they didn’t read my profile and recognize after the match that they don’t wanna chat. Some don’t answer and in most of the cases it is a boring conversation anyway. That is why I always swap right and select after the match, because I have a natural filter already included. I just match with girls, who are interested in me.

I also try to swap as fast as possible to whatsapp, just to be free to also share more pictures or stay in a more private zone. If you stay in Tinder for long you stay there with a lot of other guys, who are hitting on her. It is the same game like getting her number. Meeting someone as soon as you feel it could be a real match. Maybe don’t think about when you would get her in bed. It happens when it happens…

As said in the podcast (nearly the end). Tinder is still the best way for me to meet new people and find sex. Not because I focus to find a sexual partner, but because it is the most used app for dating.


I don’t know who is really using this to meet completely new people. I heard about it, but I doubt the success. I think Facebook changed pretty much our feeling of privacy. If you agree or not. But we don’t accept easily new friends anymore. We also think about what we share or not publicly. Still the general privacy sucks a lot, but at the end it is your choice. Tell me if you ever tried to meet completely new people via facebook and how it works for you.


Twitter is a thing I discovered recently for me. For me it works to find people, who are interested in threesomes, Swinger or sexually niche stuff like cuckold or BDSM. It is still a very consuming manner. Never meet someone yet, but had 2-3 hot leads. For everything special I would try to search for people in Twitter.


Never really get Snapchat. It will always be a App for kids and teenager for me. Of course the filters are cool and it has some good points on its side, but really finding new people and meeting them in real life… nahhhh. You can consume some pictures and videos from girls, who like to share them or want to make money but that is it. Let me know if you think differently and share your experience.


Same, Same but different. Barely meet someone I meet on Instagram. If yes, definitely not for Sex. Same for Snapchat. You probably find some girls, who like to share pictures or videos, but the rules are very strict. Don’t expect to see any nipples or a pussy. It is still funny for sexual quotes.


It was the first place back in my young days where I searched for Sexual encounters in the section He for She. It results in one BDSM romance I had in London. Lots of fake stuff and wasted time, but it was always exciting. Now it is not an option anymore. There is not that much in central and south america anyway. They recently closed/deleted the section. I guess new laws or privacy reasons in the U.S. Fair enough.


I don’t like this platform in the list, but “lets be honest” says it all. Couchsurfing is a source to find people for sex. I never used it actively for that purpose only, but mostly when I start to travel alone. My honest advice…. Don’t look for Sex, but a friend. Often you maybe end up having sex, because people from Couchsurfing are in general really open minded. In that time I traveled around for the first time 50% of my sexual encounters were from Couchsurfing. It does changed a lot in the last 5 years. Anyway… In maybe 150 people I meet with I slept with around 10. That maybe is not a lot, but again I would never force it.

Bars and Clubs

I admire people, who can go out in a club or bar and get a girl… I think in my entire life that worked out just two or three times. It is just not for me. As explained I am more the dance guy If I go out, which is not happening often. I also consider myself as a feminist and just don’t like to bother girls… Maybe because I am also afraid of rejection. It is much easier online =)