This is not a one man show. Founder and Owner are two guys from Germany and hopefully their will be other from all over the world, who join and share the storries.


Chris – Digital Nomad and Thinker

ChrisI have two german written travel blogs ( and, but always wanted this kind of blog. After 5 years of travel blogging I let other people write and want to share more about my another passion. You will mostly read things about Psychology or Philosophy from me. No hardcore or theoratically stuff. More less ideas and observation from my daily life.

Ben – Kinky as fuck and always up for Sex

Call me Pervert, call my Kinky and maybe call me an asshole, BUT I live my sexuall fantasies and desires. I am sexually ready to try everything what the world would offer me. I will also talk about the stuff I do. Be prepared not be be prepared and don’t expect me to lie or shut my mouth for things you maybe don’t wanna hear. Lets be real. Things are happening!

Anonymous – The mysterious unknown

To all my beloved people, who are willing to submit and share their story. Thank you so much. Some of you I or Ben met pesonally. Others are just keen and happy to habe a place to write things down. I appreciate any Story, Idea or topic you write me and do my best to keep it anonymous. You feel like writing about something? Check this out.