Interview before having Sex Lola (Argentina)

    Lola is 21 years old and originally from Buenos Aires. She works as a freelance Web Designer and sings. Lola is not only beautiful but has a big heart and even bigger dreams. Starting with my two favorite questions Lola had a simple one-word answer for both questions. Hear the podcast to find… Read on

Interview with Anna after having Sex (Medellin)

Anna is 19, Design Student and lives in Colombia. She sounds and looks so innocent, but she is not. We meet originally on OkCupid / Bumble. During the chat, she answered my two favorite questions and had a look at my blog. She was very surprised by my perspective. Mainly because we think very differently…. Read on

Interview with Alexa after having Sex (Medellin)

    Welcome back with the Interview after having sex with Alexa in Colombia. Overall, she finds the Sex creative. In a funny way she described as great filling all wholes. It was funny to hear, but overall we tried couple of different positions and things. Most exciting for her was one position I call… Read on

Interview with Alexa before having Sex (Medellin)

    I had a couple of Interviews before and after having sex and I will continue so. I really like this kind of series as it shows several interesting things. I do think that we are always more open and honest after having Sex. We are open and talk more about topics we didn’t… Read on

Interview with PhD student – Sexual Stigmas and Sexuality

    PhD Student in Sociology – Sexual Stigmas, Gender Roles and much more It is a pleasure to interview such a gifted and knowledgable women doing her PhD in Sociology. This podcast is very long (38 Minutes) but you can’t keep the topics in 10-15 Minutes. I also don’t want to spoil you with… Read on

Mexico Hookup – Interview after having Sex

    Interview after having Sex in Mexico I love to hear the mood after having Sex. It is so much more relaxed. Of course, we may sound a bit childish, but that’s probably all the endorphins. We talked about her first experience squirting and she did was surprised that she could do it again…. Read on

Mexico Hookup – Interview before having Sex

    Interview before having Sex in Mexico A very exciting Interview. It was the second of its kind (first interview of this kind). But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Mexico on Tinder. Actually on a day where I just arrived and she was looking for someone… Read on

Why I like older women

    First of all let me tell you that I don’t just date older women. I still meet and date younger girls. It is a preference and I am happy to share and explain it. There are a lot of different people out there. You can have your preferences and also happy if someone… Read on

How and Where to find Sex

    that will be a short article, because most things are said in the podcast. It is more less about the different places I know and what my experience is with different kind of ways. Also have to add that most of the places I will describe are online or social media. Tinder Tinder… Read on

Valuable Connections, How close you need to be?

    An interesting topic I got into after matching with a girl from Tinder, who lives in the US. But let me get there step be step. It starts with a normal match. I think it was Mexico, but at the end it doesn’t matter. She was not at the place anymore. I was… Read on

Guatemala Hookup – Interview after having Sex

    Iterview after having Sex in Guatemala Here we are with the second part of this great interview. She was a bit shy and didn’t know what to say but after couple of minutes she was fully in it again. I really love that she had such fun with me and she really got… Read on

Guatemala Hookup – Interview before having Sex

    Iterview before having Sex in Guatemala A very exciting Interview. It was the first of its kind. But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Guatemala on Tinder. We chatted a bit couple of days and decided to meet up to have sex. She also agreed to… Read on