Mexico Hookup – Interview before having Sex



Interview before having Sex in Mexico

A very exciting Interview. It was the second of its kind (first interview of this kind). But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Mexico on Tinder. Actually on a day where I just arrived and she was looking for someone to go to a party with. It was already so late, so we didn’t meet, but kept contact.

She is in an open relationship with her boyfriend. We talk about her deal with him and how the relationship works for her. From her side, it is a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship because she is also jealous. We also talked about Mexican culture and how open relationships are perceived.

Sex in Mexico – what are girls into?

She liked public places, but in general she just like normal sex. In general, it seems that Mexican are pretty open-minded, but still have limits if it comes to culture. Also, threesomes are interesting but not as good as she expecting. For her kissing and touching are a super turn on. She also talked about a experience where she had sex within someone, who didn’t kiss her at all.

Insider: I do have some classy nude picture (you just can see my bump) and it was interesting to get feedback because for a lot of countries it is probably a no-go to show.

What comes next?

Well, I hope you enjoy this episode. In the next podcast episode, you will hear about what we did, what she liked and much more. It was a great and fun day. I really enjoyed my time with her and I am very happy to share the interview with you guys. So stay tuned =)