Guatemala Hookup – Interview before having Sex



Iterview before having Sex in Guatemala

A very exciting Interview. It was the first of its kind. But let me explain first how it comes. I matched with a girl in Guatemala on Tinder. We chatted a bit couple of days and decided to meet up to have sex. She also agreed to be interviewed before and after having Sex with me. I was very suprised how open minded she was about this.

So the day came and she picked me up with her car driving to a car hotel (some people call it also love motels). I just visited this kind of places 2-3 times before in Central America. Anyway… I am a big fan. The Motels are clean, not too expensive and often have nice features like jacuzzi or mirrows on the roof.

Sexual Teasers before having Sex

It was an interesing interview. On one handside because we had a open conversation about sex. What she likes in bed and what she expects (P.S. I am sorry if there is some background noice, but I record with my smartphone audio only and don’t edit what I record. So you get it all – kind of live… Real and authentic)

On the other handside I was also suprised that it mad the situation a bit more relaxed… It was still exciting…

What comes next?

Well, I hope you enjoy this episode. In the next podcast episode you will hear about what we did, what she liked and much more. It was a great and fun day. I really enjoyed my time with her and I am very happy to share the interview with you guys. So stay tuned =)