Interview before having Sex Lola (Argentina)



Lola is 21 years old and originally from Buenos Aires. She works as a freelance Web Designer and sings. Lola is not only beautiful but has a big heart and even bigger dreams. Starting with my two favorite questions Lola had a simple one-word answer for both questions. Hear the podcast to find out yourself.

Sex Date on Tinder in Argentina

We meet on Tinder and we were both in underwear making this Interview. While chatting on Tinder we quickly find out that we want similar things. Not only Sex, but a good time, including talks, laughs and so on. Overall, just a good time! I booked the Hotel and Lola brought the wine. 

She didn’t have much expectation to be honest, but a feeling… In Argentina, it is not easy and doesn’t work out often to meet someone you don’t know. Nevertheless, expectations often lead to disappointment. She just had a feeling that I am a good guy and I hope she is right about that.

How listening can help more than Sex

Our meeting starts very differently as we talked a lot about serious topics. Even further, very personal topics about her life and fears. For me, in the moment, it was more important that she feels mentally good. Sex can be a strong physical need but maybe we compensate it with some mental issues sometimes. It can be much more valuable to simply be there and to listen to someone. I thought that I should be that person.

We also come to a very interesting topic I like to talk about. “You can control all about yourself”. It is true. Physically and mentally you decide what’s going to happen. Your thoughts, your fitness, your mental state it is all you! The only thing which is out of your control is the outside world. How people treat you, think about you or what’s so ever. They are all individual and even treating them equally they may think differently about you. As simple as it is. Again, how you feel or what you do is always up to you! And let me tell you, you are capable of incredible things and you can do whatever you want

Biggest turn on for Lola

The biggest turn-on for Lola is being human. She mentioned that is very different to have sex with girls and boys. Women know each other and have more confidence to communicate their thoughts and needs. In her opinion Argentinian men are not the best. “You never know how they react”. That’s what she is afraid of. Lola just likes people! Again, for her it is not important if you are men or woman, but you need your brain and feelings.

Lola mentioned that there are relationships, where some girls need to fake orgasm for years. Living in fear of their husbands. I don’t want to imagine that, and it is difficult for me to believe, but I leave it here. Some things I might never fully understand simply because I am a man, but that is why I am here and that’s why I am doing this blog/podcast as well. Giving everyone who wants to speak a voice and a platform. No matter what believe or experience.

Lola wants equality. The same respect for everyone, salary, rights and she want women to be heard. She doesn’t like that there are some women, who talk about rights for women but don’t do anything. I loved to see her passion for this topic growing over the interview. How do you feel?