Mexico Hookup – Interview after having Sex



Interview after having Sex in Mexico

I love to hear the mood after having Sex. It is so much more relaxed. Of course, we may sound a bit childish, but that’s probably all the endorphins. We talked about her first experience squirting and she did was surprised that she could do it again.

She liked to be on top and from behind. We talked about her preferences to have soft or hard Sex. We talk about several more things. One interesting thing is to describe how men should practice oral sex. Everyone is different. That’s why it is very fascinating to explore likes and dislikes together. Talking about after having sex should be kind of a normal thing. Not to show off, but to listen about what the other partner liked a lot and what they maybe want to improve.

No expectations are the best expectations

In general, it works best having no expectations. In her opinion, Latin guys are very selfish. You would be lucky to get an orgasm. Trust, confidence and communication is an important thing for having good Sex. She was very wondering why I didn’t ask her for a blow job. For me, there are two reasons. First, the pleasure of a woman is my pleasure. The other thing is that I can’t relax that much during a blow job. We still did a video for her boyfriend afterward.

Post Production thoughts

Hearing the Interview after a while was interesting. I just imagine a feature lover or partner would listen to the podcast or If I would be in the position of hearing such an intimate experience with her and someone else. Is it too much? Would you prefer the concept of  “Don’t ask, don’t tell” or you want to share or even be there if your partner is with another person? Exploring being non-monogamous is very exciting, but also confusing for me. There are so many things which I would like to try, but I am also afraid of.

Just having in mind that also a lot of lovers I had were in open relationships or could imagine being in one. It is also very difficult for me to find similar open-minded people. Not just for Sex but are Sex positive and don’t look for a common modern relationship model. What do you think?