Interview with Alexa before having Sex (Medellin)



I had a couple of Interviews before and after having sex and I will continue so. I really like this kind of series as it shows several interesting things. I do think that we are always more open and honest after having Sex. We are open and talk more about topics we didn’t talk about before and we are straighter and more open about things. But maybe I am wrong, and it is just a “feeling”.

A bit background about how we meet and who is Alexa. We meet through Tinder and meet once before we meet to have Sex. Alexa is born in Colombia but spends a while in Belgium. I would consider her a Latina, but of course, some behaviors are very European. Her Tinder Profile was straight forward saying that she looks for both. Love and Sex without mentioning Sex itself, but “kinky fun”.

My two favorite questions

The Interview with Alexa started with my two-favorite question. Maybe listen to the “podcast about what is the meaning of Life and What is love”  before. The first question was probably a misunderstanding as I quickly continued to the second question – my bad. Alexa had a pretty scientific approach to the question of what is love. At least she didn’t think that these questions are stupid.

Talking about reproducing was interesting, especially because Sex is in her opinion something about pleasure. On the other hand, and that was didn’t come out in the interview, was the kind of keen to get a kid soon even if she is not sure about time and partner.

Maybe it is not all about Sex

I did a couple of mistakes in the podcast and jumped very quickly into different topics. I am sorry. The topic about using Sex to condition the partner is a real thing and I should follow up on that rather than trying to get a story out of her if she ever used Sex to get something she wanted. Anyway…

After asking her what she is into (sex half asleep, Love sex, but also hardcore like anal or group sex) she doesn’t seem to be super keen to continue with sexual topics. I had another hard cut and continues with something more recent.

Is climate change real?

Alexa thinks climate change is a real thing and a problem for future generations. Maybe that is one of the reasons she hesitates to bring another human being to this earth? Who knows. Likely little things would help our earth already. For example fly little, eat less meat and be more aware of the environment. I totally agree and maybe we have another episode about that?!

The Interview before having Sex ended with the open question from her “what I worry about”. We talked for a bit afterward. Also about the Podcast, some expectations or things we might want to try/do and had some fun. If you are curious about the Interview after having sex stay tuned and watch this space. You will be surprised =)