Interview with Alexa after having Sex (Medellin)



Welcome back with the Interview after having sex with Alexa in Colombia. Overall, she finds the Sex creative. In a funny way she described as great filling all wholes. It was funny to hear, but overall we tried couple of different positions and things. Most exciting for her was one position I call “The Star”, Anal and fingering her.

Anal Sex is wrong pleasure

We talked a little bit more about double penetration (in this case my Penis in her ass and my thumb in her Vagina). She described it as more intense and a combination of pain and pleasure at the same time. A funny expression of her was “wrong pleasure”, which I find kind of funny.

It was interesting to hear that Alexa actually never had an orgasm with a man before (I guess that includes me as well). In her opinion, it is most likely a mental thing. She needs a lot more stimulation which maybe can take hours. Strangely enough, she said that if she masturbates, she could cum in around 30-60 seconds… So probably it is a huge mental block, but who knows?!

One of my biggest turns on: Squirting

Girls who know me a bit better probably know that I am really into squirting. I like it from a viewer perspective but also doing it practically. I told her this before in chats and Alexa was very skeptical about it. Still, she was open about it and willing to try. Surprisingly she squirted a couple of times and likes it – with room for improvement (P.S. Insider Tipp: Maybe try in the shower if she feels unsure about if it is squirting or peeing).

My theory is that girls can have 3 different kinds of orgasm: Clitoral, Vaginal and Squirting. She said squirting is similar, with great pleasure, but still different than an orgasm. We had a little discussion about being kinky. Face licking (I can admit I find it funnier than a turn on) is not her thing, but she likes it a bit rougher till the edge of forcing, strangle and light BDSM.

How to have good Sex

We also talked about the difficulty of continue or switching some things you do sexually. If you do the same things for too long it may become less intense and she/he starts to feel numb or gets bored. On the other side If you are on the right spot, with the perfect speed, intensity, and position you better not let go because she/he is about to cum. But as we said it is often difficult to read the body language and it requires some trust, respect and a bit familiar with your partner. That’s why so many people say that sex with their partner is mostly better!

Who is up for sexual equality?

I am 100% in for sexual equality, which means for me that there are two people who deserve sexual pleasure and a woman has the right to help herself! Sexual politeness is arguable in my opinion. That doesn’t mean you always do things you don’t want to get what you want but there are things women avoid doing because it feels “wrong”?! Alexa also mentioned that sexual culture in Colombia is very man focused.