Interview with Anna after having Sex (Medellin)

Anna is 19, Design Student and lives in Colombia. She sounds and looks so innocent, but she is not. We meet originally on OkCupid / Bumble. During the chat, she answered my two favorite questions and had a look at my blog. She was very surprised by my perspective. Mainly because we think very differently. During that time, she had a lover and we didn’t meet.

A couple of weeks later we chatted again and decided to meet. It wasn’t easy as Ana got nervous couple of times last-minute and canceled. Another time it was me who canceled. At the end, we meet and she got positively surprised. We had a pleasant chat and decided to go to my place.

Why girls like older man

Anna likes older men – much older considering her young age! She likes the experience in and outside the bed of older men – “They know what they want and are more confident”. She simply wants to collect more experience and maybe find love. At the beginning, she wasn’t sure about going out with older men. Normally just dating guys in her age she loved going out with older men after she tried the first time.

Sexually it is important for her to have everything with consent. It didn’t come out if men, women or both should start but we talked about couple of signals. That could be touching, asking for going somewhere for example.

Colombian girl looks for Sugar Daddy

She would like to find a sugar Daddy but also is not sure if it is for her. She tried a Sugar Daddy App and liked that men say what they want. What didn’t come out well in the interview is that we discussed a lot of what a sugar daddy means for her and she also secretly looks for love and a stable relationship. Not denying that she is young and is financially not independent. Overall a very typical picture in Colombia if you ask me. More about it maybe in another podcast.

How indigenous people get sexualized

In the end we talked about indigenous people because she is. This topic maybe doesn’t fit well in the podcast episode, but Anna brought a very valid point there. Often indigenous characters in movies get sexualizes. We all know Pocahontas, don’t we?! But hear the podcast to hear more about it.