Guatemala Hookup – Interview after having Sex



Iterview after having Sex in Guatemala

Here we are with the second part of this great interview. She was a bit shy and didn’t know what to say but after couple of minutes she was fully in it again. I really love that she had such fun with me and she really got crazy. It was a kind of new thing for both of us. From my side having this interview setup before and after. Also the Motel enviroment, which is not that usual for me. It makes it a bit more fancy, but actions count anyway. Never had sex before in a Yakuzzi as well.

What you don’t know

Well the Interview was not the end. We started a second session and moved to the Yakuzzi as spoiled above. She was a bit curvy and the water was not always keeping inside. Man it was a bit messy after a while, but we arranged position and it was a lot of fun.

First time Anal

She also wanted to try Anal. Yes! I was suprised as well. The number of girls who come up with that first is not high. So we did. Can be beneficial to be in the water (reduce the initial pain), but it is also a bit work to keep it wet enough to be smooth. If you ever had sex in the water you may know that water is not always making it easy

What you want?

Please tell me you thoughts and ideas. What would you like to hear, read or see? Should I try to more often this kinfd of interviews? More sexual questions or talking a bit more detailed about the sex. I could imagine a little soft porn read is nice. On the other handside I feel a bit too serious if I just give you a plain description. Please feel free to share your thoughts….