Why I like older women



First of all let me tell you that I don’t just date older women. I still meet and date younger girls. It is a preference and I am happy to share and explain it. There are a lot of different people out there. You can have your preferences and also happy if someone want to write about “why younger girls are better”. Send me the article here.

Older women know what they want

In my personal experience women know what they want in higher age. Maybe because they already tries couple of things. Maybe because I don’t want to be that person they try it out with and probably fail. Younger girls switch sometimes in what they expect or want. From Friends with benefits they start to think that it could be more. It can be really frustrating sometimes and takes away the sexual energy. I don’t know why, but I would always like to know what it is so I can put the right amount of time and energy in.

Older women often have more sexual experience

I know that this statement will roll your eyes. Of course the age doesn’t say anything about the experience. You can have had Sex with 20-30 guys in the age of 20 or 40. It doesn’t matter. That is the first point. The other is what kind of sex you have. With that I more less mean quality and variety of different things you tried.

But let me go with some vage arguments… An older women had more time to explore her own body. An older women also had more time to try things she really wants to try. And older women is more likely more mature with her sexual needs and get into the mode – I don’t care anymore. I wouldn’t even say older women are more active. At the end they likely know what makes them reaching an orgasm and know what they like and communicate it.

Older women are less complicated and financial independent.

I don’t wanna say they are never complicated but mostly less complicated than younger girls. Why? I think they are often better settled in life. They have a stable job or at least know where they wanna go. They are often in a time were they either have kids or don’t want them. Family planning is often over. Imagine a 37 year old women. She is horny as fuck, but you are not Mister right. She needs a fuck buddy, but don’t want a kid with you.

Some girls are already single mother and it is often taff, because you basically give up your life to provide all you can for your child. This women are crazy to get some sexual relief or maybe a day or night off to relax. They don’t look for a new daddy or anything complicated.

Younger girls still have so many options. Maybe they study and have no clue what to do after. They start their career and no clue yet what it means to go up in business. Same for their personal life and relationships. That can be really annoying. They are also often not financial independent yet. I am not the fan of financial support. Always happy to help and grow, but I also have my business stuff to deal with. Don’t get me wrong I would always stand up for a women to get equally paid, but in my position I just can raise my hand and word for it.

I can relax more with an older women

At the end I would summarize it like this: I can relax much more with an older women. Doesn’t matter how hard I fight with other people about how older women are or not. Everyone is different. Some stuff will be valid and others not. If everything goes wrong I get back to myself. I just feel better with an older women and I also can relax more.

With younger girls I often feel a bit pressured. That doesn’t come from the girl. Just from myself. If I would need to proof myself or teach them something. Often I need to lead. I would love to get to know a dominant women (a successful, confident and smart women is so fucking hot!). However I don’t mind different experience and it is still just a preference.

What is an old women or where is my age limit?

Maybe this question comes up. There is no definition for me. There was a time, when I said double my age, but I am getting older too. At the moment the age limit for me is 45. I did had an sexual encounter when I was 25 and she was 53. It was purely for sex. Of course there are some physical limits  sometimes, but in general age is just a number, right?!