First Psychology, Philosophie and Sex Podcast Episodes

I published my first 3 Podcast Episodes. Honestly I pushed that out for soooo long that I am happy it is done and I am totally happy with the result. Sometimes it is hard to please myself with work or things I have done, because I am a kind of perfectionist.

So I just didn’t wanna start casually with a plain audio. I wanted the first Episodes in a good audio quality so I waited for a good place to record. I also wanted an Intro/Outro and struggled to find someone. BUT at the end all fine and I am happy to present the first Episodes


My Sexual Background History

For the start it is maybe not bad to know something about my sexual background or historie, because we will talk a lot about Sex. I can’t really say that I am normal, but I am probably not really crazy as well. Fact is, that I love Sex and that I am very active.

The only thing I don’t want for this Podcast is to hold myself back. I wanna talk about the stuff I do, I think about, I wanna try or find awkward observing. My biggest requirement for myself is to be authentic. Sometimes I am probably a bit controverse as well. Just hope that it makes all sense at the end.

Listen up why I Love Sex and what it is to make me talk about it. *spoiler* Stay tuned, because I already got the first Sex Interview with a Latin girl I hooked up with on Tinder. We did a Interview before and after having Sex. YES! I was suprised as well that she agreed to that.


I am a Feminist

I tried to find a topic for each topic (Psychology, Philosophy and Sex), but Psychology is always kind of hard sometimes. So I picked something, which is kind of important for me, but also a mindset subject rather than a theoratical theses.

I am a bit afraid I burned myself on this topic. because with this big #metoo or #timeisup campaign I hit a difficult time. As said in the Episode for me it is important to address the isue of Inequality.

Nevertheless also critise man-hate or women who do fight for equal right and equal payments but still want to enjoy traditional benefits like getting invited or leaving it to the man to talk to them or ask them out. Anyway… What you think about it?


My 2 Favourite Question

I wouldn’t call it spoiler if I tell you right away what this questions are. The first one is “What is the sense of life?” and the second is “What is Love?”. I ask this questions to nearly everyone I meet on my travels.

I also ask girls on Tinder and Co. Also started to make some Screenshots and will publish the sets soon. In this Episode I also tell you my answers, which are kind of short. Just love to keep it simple. But honestly also don’t want to fix myself to a specific answer so it leaves room for interpretation.

I am super curious what other think about it. It truely gives me a little inside of another person. We also will have couple of interviews coming for this.