My Sexual Background / History

For the start it is maybe not bad to know something about my sexual background or historie, because we will talk a lot about Sex. I can’t really say that I am normal, but I am probably not really crazy as well. Fact is, that I love Sex and that I am very active.

The only thing I don’t want for this Podcast is to hold myself back. I wanna talk about the stuff I do, I think about, I wanna try or find awkward observing. My biggest requirement for myself is to be authentic. Sometimes I am probably a bit controverse as well. Just hope that it makes all sense at the end.

Listen up why I Love Sex and what it is to make me talk about it. *spoiler* Stay tuned, because I already got the first Sex Interview with a Latin girl I hooked up with on Tinder. We did a Interview before and after having Sex. YES! I was suprised as well that she agreed to that.