Could you be together with a Prostitute?!



How my Tinder Date become a Cam Girl

I meet a Venezuelan Girl in Colombia. We had a nice first date and just kissed at the end. There were plans to meet again, but didn’t work for couple of days. after 10 days I saw her again with her sister in a new apartment. At the first meeting she told me already that is very difficult to find a job in Colombia, because she don’t have official work papers. During the time we didn’t saw each other she told me that she had a job interview and she also got the job. I wasn’t really thinking about her question if I like “Chaturbate” (a platform for girls, guys, couples and trans to do Cam shows).

Anyway. She told me at our next date that she works as a Cam girl. I wasn’t really surprised, because a lot of Colombian and Venezuelan girls work as cam girls. I have to admit that they are very beautiful. So, I asked her for the link to watch her and I did

Would you date a Cam girl or Prostitute?

Actually it was also Colombia were I tried the firs time in a life to have Sex with a Prostitute (first and last so far till now). I just want to experience the feeling for myself. How I feel to pay for Sex. What is different. Would the girl behave different? It is probably another story and funny enough that she also was from Venezuela.

Back to my Tinder Date, who becomes a Cam girl. I was thinking a lot of the situation. If I could be together with someone, who would work in the adult industry. How I feel seeing her doing her show? It does feel a bit strange, but if I am honest with myself it is totally ok. It is a job. I requires a lot of trust and communication if one partner works in the sex industry, but I think it is doable. I could imagine to be with someone, who would work in that field.

“Long term” observation

Even after half year getting to know her we are still in contact. She become more professional and it is great to see her from time to time on the camera. She seems to be still happy doing the job and I think she starts to earn much more than the beginning. At the beginning she worked every night, except 1 day) from 10 pm to 6 am. She earned around 300-400 USD a month. I would have to ask her again but she maybe earns 500-700 USD now. I am really happy for her and her shows getting much better!