Tinder hookup is still a thing?



Hookig up on Tinder

I use Tinder for quite a while, but hooking up with someone is rare. Even if I worked for a dating app in Germany I saw a lot of stuff. But just meeting someone for Sex doesn’t seem to be real. In Guatemala I matched with a girl, who just want to have sex. Well, that is not fully true. She just want to see more of me. I have half nude pictures on my Tinder profile and a lot of girls jump on the picture, where they see my blank ass. So she maybe just want to see the front. In the episode I talk about types of girl from Tinder, but also that Hookup is not a common thing for me. How often you hookup with girls or guys on Tinder?!

My Tinder Types

Most of the Tinder Matches are kind of Friends+ of girls. They just want to meet up and see how it goes. A lot of girls do have sexual background thoughts, but don’t want to go straight for Sex. Which is totally understandable. I think I tick similar. A bit information would be nice. What you do, what you like, what you want… Even a lot of girls have sexual intentions they don’t underline that as much as man do. Correct me if I am wrong, but man often do cross the line quickly about jumping into bed. Girls need a bit more than just the idea of sex. They want to connect, they want a real match or at least feeling save and good.

The second kind of type is the dating girl. Going for everything “serious” after the first date. At least something with potential. Often I go out just once with them and they realize they don’t get it or it is maybe not a match. Partly type one (Friend+) is also coming it if there is no chemistry. You think you click. Maybe the girl doesn’t think so. Maybe it is you. However, there is is a third type…

The 3rd type of girls on Tinder. Anything what makes sense and is not serious! I am totally into this group. The only thing they don’t want is something serious. They really see how things work out. Maybe just a date, maybe a “friend”, friend+ or short term dating with a spark of emotion. Lets call it fling or romance. If that match works out they enjoy the time. The risk is always there that it doesn’t work out or one of of them feels a bit more, but the focus intentially is to enjoy the time together, right?!

Who likes Hookups?

I ask out there? Who like hookups and why? For me this experience felt weird. In all my years on Tinder or Online Dating I maybe had 2-3 hookups (just meeting up to have sex) without knowing a lot about the other person. For me ideally you have 3-4 time Sex. That my personally “high” of encounter someone sexually. Don’t get me wrong. I do have One Nights Stands… Sometimes they are very good and you crave for more and sometimes they didn’t work out and you have a reason why you just have sex once. Does hook up with someone implicit having sex with someone just for one time?