An unforgettable adventure

Linda (Fictional Name) wrote this article in English even if her English is very basic. So, I appreciate if you look over the typos and grammer mistakes. Enjoy the real and authentic story from Linda.

“Sometimes it happens that one night begins with a madness and ends up becoming one of the
unforgettable stories of your life”, this is the perfect phrase for Linda and Ben, an adventurous boy from Germany, that came to Honduras. Attracted by the country and Tinder, in which he met this brunet. However, he never thought the outcoming of that date. Maybe he wasn’t aware of the city and country where he was arriving, considering that San Pedro Sula, Honduras is considered one of the most hazardous places on earth.

The start of a crazy night

Ben had met a Sampedrano girl, the maximum representation of a Latina  woman, brunet and cinnamon flavored black hair and her sauce flavor was part of her personality. They wanted to spend a great night… after a dinner with drinks, bachatas and merengues, they decided to leave the place. The spark, the warmth of the atmosphere and city, the sensation of rubbing their bodies while dancing for hours and, of course, the great attraction, the chemistry between two worlds, arose: Linda, was a girl who worked as a teacher in the same city, so she had to take care of her image and behavior because she lives in a very narrow minded society.

When they were returning from the “party”, passion was overflowing. We stoped the car in front of a hospital, it was late… They were possessed by the passion and began to speak the language of love, where their bodies started dancing at their heart beats and because of the weather of the city the windows of the car became wet. Their breathings were so heavy and dense that was impossible to avoid it. Because of the transpiration they got wet, sweating like crazy and clothes left their bodies,
having that heavenly experience for more than two hours.

Suddenly everything changed

The surprise came when a motorcycle with two armed policemen made a turn and directed their vehicle to the couple`s, Ben and Linda. Everything was perfect until that tedious moment.

It is important to let you know that she didn’t want to stop there, but he invited her to be wild and let things got out of order, without suspecting they were going to be caught. Like the old  saying says: “Shit happens”.

That movement made Linda to enter in a nervous breakdown, because she knew how the police of this third world country operates. In this very moment she couldn’t put her pants back. However, her blouse was long enough to look like a dress; but, Ben did dress up fast, so the policemen didn’t see him naked or semi-naked.

When the Police caught you having Sex

Linda and Ben were instructed to stop the car and one policeman approached. they requested the car’s documents; which were shown. And besides that, they ordered the couple to get the car off, expressing the terrible words: “Get off the car”. Once they were out the policemen began searching the car, arguing that they had received a warning call of a suspicious vehicle parked in the hospital’s zone.

Even though they didn’t see any abnormal behavior between Ben and Linda they stated that they were
improperly dressed, mainly Linda, asking her about her appearance, because she was very sweating; and because they searched the car, they found Linda’s pants and some condoms, jumping to a conclusion. Linda stated she was sweaty because the car’s air conditioner was broken. In that moment the officer contacted the main station requesting information about Linda, because she showed them her papers, Ben was not able to show any papers because he had left them at his place. Like in any country, immoral acts, in public places, are cause of penalty and sometimes the people might go to jail.

Imagine: “Local Teacher got Sex in Public”

She was very worried because this kind of news are very popular among a great amount of News watchers, without thinking or analyzing the damage that might be done to the protagonist of such acts. Up to that moment, Ben’s paper hadn’t been requested, but the other officer asked him about them, tensing the situation. She knew that their intention was to get money, we call it here “una mordida”, so they had to push to obtain a “reward” for their lousy job.

The officers instructed them to follow them to the police station. But. Ben was very calmed, maybe because of all his travel experience. They did what they were requested, she was thinking about bribe them and realized that was the perfect solution to get rid of that uncomfortable situation. The patrol stopped in front of a big supermarket and Linda thought that they would receive the money, so Linda get from her purse the bill and told him: “stay here, I am going to fix this situation”; so, she got off the car and walked to the officers, wearing her tight clothes and high-hill shoes. Ben realized about the danger they were living,

Corruption all over Central America

Considering the city where they were and the time of the fact. Ben is not familiar interacting with armed policemen. So, Ben thought that this was the most amazing and terrifying experience he had lived up to this moment in his life.

When she was returning from their vehicle to her car, policemen hadn’t accepted the money trying to intimidate them, for sure to get more money. Linda was shouting: “Policìas hijos de puta” (damned policemen) they just only want money, take advantage of the situation, to get more money. Due that they didn’t accept the money they told Linda to follow them, again; and she had to obey.

Linda was amazed that Ben was so calm, maybe because of his experience traveling. Suddenly, the motorcycle entered to a dark side road, she had to follow them, they stopped under the shadow of a tree; Linda reacted and stopped her car; again she went down and approached them, she was sure this time they were going to take the bribe. That happened, they took the money and Linda’s hand and stared at her face with lust, she pulled her hand out of the “pig” and returned immediately to her vehicle; she knew about the atrocities that this “security agency” could commit.

She jumped on her car, besides Ben and very fast they left the zone. When they were going
back, they glance each other and with a well-drawn smile celebrated for what has happened to