The new Story by Zaza Goodbrake

My name is ZAZA Goodbrake and I’m a sex positive feminist MILF rapper. I know. It’s a lot. I quite suddenly began this journey after having an epiphany on The Great Wall of China in November 2018. I was 40 years old. When it happened, I looked up at the sky and asked the universe if it had the correct person. I mean, I’m a white midwest suburban raised female who never listened to rap music a day in my life. The universe responded with a resounding YES.

So, I went back home and became a very serious student of rap, listening to hundreds of hours of the genre from the very beginning up until the present day. I noticed very quickly that most rap was quite misogynistic and violent. This bothered me deeply and I decided my music would be misogyny free and nonviolent because that’s how I’ve lived my entire life. I’ve lost two students to gun violence in three years. The violence in my community, city of St. Louis, Missouri, and my country, sickens me on the regular.

More about Zaza Goodbrake

After getting a handle on what rap sounds like, the writing came much easier than the delivery. I’ve been an avid journaler and writer since I was 8. I’ve backpacked 39 countries and 44 states so my perspective on the world is a far cry from my conservative Catholic upbringing. I’ve spent most of my life searching for answers to questions no one wanted me to ask. When I was six years old, I came to the realization that our consumption in the USA directly related to the suffering of a great majority of people in the world. This reality never sat well with me.

My concern about the ill effects of capitalism on women and children guided my life choices, but I could never figure out what to DO about it until the epiphany. Sure, I’ve been politically active throughout my life, but civil disobedience and lobbying with the Quakers wasn’t getting the results I desired. Over the past 15 months I’ve found my voice to speak truth to power, and have had one hell of a good time doing it! As a full time violin teacher and avid player, I’ve begun to incorporate my beloved instrument into my music. As a dedicated quad roller skater, I’ve been able to tone my body and strengthen my heart so I can deliver my songs on stage with force.

Zaza Goodbrake 3

I am a mother and a full time worker

I want to help tell The New Story; one where balance is restored to the planet and everyone has their basic needs met. The world we live in, the one where women work twice as hard to go half as far, is coming to an end. It’s played out. It’s DONE. As a mother and a full time worker, I only get paid for half my duties. My first single, Blood Money, is a protest song for women who are denied access to reproductive health care. We pay an enormous tax for being born with a uterus. When we bleed, we pay for products to contain it. If we choose to labor and deliver, we pay for time away from work and shell out for medical bills.

We have to choose between raising children for free or paying for childcare. All this while we’re objectified and judged from birth. The taxes we pay benefit an economic system that fails women and children. Money is soaked in the blood of women. I think it’s time to bring HER back. The patriarchal system we live can no longer survive if women band together and do what we do best : COOPERATE, SHARE and NURTURE.

My role as a mother and women

I’m raising two little girls, ages 5 and 6, and I detest showing them pictures of who represents us in our government. The time has come to take our power back and make serious changes. I was born into a system which tells me my work has no value. I refuse to accept this reality and I want your help to build a new one. In order to usher in a new era, I have a few principle ideas which are threaded throughout my music. AND/BOTH : I’m obsessed with the duality of women as mothers and lovers. Women have two breasts, and each one is dedicated to two giving roles : that of nursing a baby, and that of pleasuring a lover.

Women spend their lives nurturing and giving in both capacities but our culture doesn’t recognize that we do BOTH simultaneously. In America, breasts are considered pornographic, STILL! We obsess over and glorify young, perfect bodies in our media and then after a woman has a baby, she is no longer considered. Women can be vibrant, sexual beings and mothers BOTH. Women can choose to not have children and can be nurturing and sexy at the same time!

My breasts are instruments of peace

Zaza Goodbrake 2I consider my breasts instruments of peace and I intend to use them to further my platform. The puritanical underpinnings the USA suffers from no longer serve us. When a man takes his shirt off, he’s getting ready to fight or fuck. However, when a woman takes her shirt off, she is ready to nurse or give pleasure. The violence our country so easily accepts, glorifies and perpetuates throughout the world hurts our communities.

In order to diffuse the violence, I believe women need to start taking their shirts off and demanding peace. My word for this tactic is OSSM, pronounced awesome, standing for Off Shirts Says Medusa. In Greek folklore, Medusa could turn any man to stone by looking into her eyes. However, when a woman takes her shirt off, men don’t tend to look into a woman’s eyes. My thought is if we can get men to calm down, gaze at our instruments of peace, and sit down, then we can begin to shift the balance of power to women.

Men: Sit down, grab your gun, take time with this photo. I need you to use my instruments of peace to calm yourselves so that I can have a few words with the others.

Ladies, and everyone else: Whereas women are  nonviolent and cooperative


The current economic system creates violent competition for resources*


This violence is destroying our environment, political system and communities,

We call for the following immediate actions :

  1. All eligible women register to vote
  2. The immediate removal of all men in power through elected democrat process
  3. Stabilize the balance of power on earth so as to save the planet

I am not wrong and I am not RIGHT. I am CORRECT and I am LEFT.

*(Since money is the alchemical expression of labor and women labor throughout life for free, the system fundamentally fails us and our children)

Thank you for your kind attention, and if you’re interested in hearing my music please find me at ZAZA GOODBRAKE on YouTube, IG: @msgoodbrake