Tinder Answers (6) – What is the meaning of Life and Love?

Another round of Tinder answers. I will mix it with some other sources. What questions do you ask girls on Online Dating apps? Well, one of my “techniques” is to write my 2 questions. They mostly have the purpose to go into deeper conversations. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But if we are honest with each other… Who doesn’t like a good conversation?!

You probably heard the podcast episode already if not I will link below. So my two favorite questions are “What is the sense of life” and “what is love”…. Sometimes I get funny answers, sometimes they are very short and shallow, but you barely hear the same thing twice.

After a while, you also can kind of categories of people. I mean I don’t ask them to answer the question to put them into a box right after, but it gives me a feeling of how much they think about those things. How much they are interested in the topic or how much effort they put into answering these questions. You all know that time is valuable and we tend to limit our energy to things we like. Especially if you on an app like tinder and most of your time is wasted anyway.

For each blog, I want to share 8-11 of these answers. Some I will comment a bit more, some I leave it blank for you to interpret. So, let’s stop talking and see the first answers:

1. Not lame, but also not special

What is Love and meaning of Life 57

2. Just put it all in

What is Love and meaning of Life 48

I think she was overwhelmed with the question. Not sure if the logic of karma brings it together with respect, enjoy, learn and teach. I just take it as it is. Still thoughtful in my opinion. Always interesting to hear that love is a feeling. A couple of time we already discussed if it is maybe an instinct or biochemical reaction in your body. Is every emotion a bio-chemical reaction in your body? Could to theoretically turn off jealousy?

3. Love is a choice

What is Love and meaning of Life 49

This gave me a very different perspective. Love is a choice. It was funny because I also saw that slogan on a big from a little girl. Somehow it is true, isn’t it? I mean love is nothing we need to survive and everyone probably let someone down, even if you loved that person.

4. What is the sense, meaning or goal of life

What is Love and meaning of Life 50

Sorry for my English, but it is such a huge difference between sense, meaning and goal of life? For me it ends up in the same thing. But of course, it can be interpreted differently. I got the same thing for love. That could mean a lot of different things, right?!

5. I got some mixed feelings here

What is Love and meaning of Life 51

Yes, Miss! It is a serious question. That girl gives me some chills. Not in a good way. I do like her statements, but the attitude is a bit too much for me. Still could be an awesome person for many other people =)

6. Someone got some time

What is Love and meaning of Life 52

What is Love and meaning of Life 53

7. Someone is funny

What is Love and meaning of Life 54

Of course, it is different for everyone. Meehhhhhh. Why I am asking? Well, you see why. I want to inspire, educate and entertain people to think about those question and get different ideas from different cultures and people around the world. Does it work?

8. Some people prefer small talk

What is Love and meaning of Life 55

Be happy and work for it. Wasn’t that difficult, was it? I sometimes follow up with some questions. Here I would do the same, because that definition would count for Family and Friendship as well, right?

9. Dr. Kasey wants to feel secure

What is Love and meaning of Life 56

Sometimes things can be simple and easy! Why you need to find a full covered answer when you just feel for one thing and the rest come by itself. I do think that feeling secure is an important element of love. That includes feeling secure within yourself, with other human being and in your environment. What you think?

Feedback and More

Which answer do you like the most? Which one relates to your personal answer and why? Write me a message. You didn’t get enough? Find a list of the past collections below. Also, feel free to write an article if you feel for it. I don’t have super high standard and you can be totally free on the topic you choose. Just should touch something around philosophy, psychology or Sex. Let us be authentic. Let us be real!