Tinder Answers (7) – What is the meaning of Life and Love?

Another round of Tinder answers. I will mix it with some other sources. What questions do you ask girls on Online Dating apps? Well, one of my “techniques” is to write my 2 questions. They mostly have the purpose to go into deeper conversations. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But if we are honest with each other… Who doesn’t like a good conversation?!

You probably heard the podcast episode already if not I will link below. So my two favorite questions are “What is the sense of life” and “what is love”…. Sometimes I get funny answers, sometimes they are very short and shallow, but you barely hear the same thing twice.

After a while, you also can kind of categories of people. I mean I don’t ask them to answer the question to put them into a box right after, but it gives me a feeling of how much they think about those things. How much they are interested in the topic or how much effort they put into answering these questions. You all know that time is valuable and we tend to limit our energy to things we like. Especially if you on an app like tinder and most of your time is wasted anyway.

For each blog, I want to share 8-11 of these answers. Some I will comment a bit more, some I leave it blank for you to interpret. So, let’s stop talking and see the first answers:

1. Good start. Just take your time

What is Love and meaning of Life 67

Triggered by the questions, but daily life forces you to move on. Online Dating or communication on those apps will consume a lot of your time. In a lot of cases, it is probably wasted times. talking to foreigners about whether or questions you always have to repeat the answers to (what you do? What you do in your free time? What things you are into?). Just saying.

2. I am lost!

What is Love and meaning of Life 58

3. Getting your heart broken is part of life

What is Love and meaning of Life 59

Either she got no time or it was too complicated to get the heartbroken part in it =)

4. What you do for love?

What is Love and meaning of Life 60

A very interesting answer to love. Things you do for love: Honest and disinterested action. I guess doing things you may not like for others or compromising?! What do you do for love? How far things can go?

5. Love is fear

What is Love and meaning of Life 61

I just had to post the follow-up question as well. Normally I just want to post the original question to avoid further thoughts. Just to make sure it is authentic and real. Not going to interpret her answer. You agree?

6. Having fun

What is Love and meaning of Life 62

Just want to grab another topic. “Having fun”  is such a bad expression in online dating profiles. For some people, it is a secret sign to be sexually open and for others it means simply having a good time (eating, drinking, conversation, hobbies – quality time). Often the girls just explain it depending on who is writing. Anyway… Could go on with that topic for a while. Maybe a topic for a podcast.

7. We got a artist

What is Love and meaning of Life 63

I was recently joking about the Foodie. Sometimes you get artists. Who wants the next Lady Gaga? I do appreciate the different perspective. That’s why I love these questions. The outside world can be such a funny reflection of yourself.

8. Love is a superpower!

What is Love and meaning of Life 64

Nora definitely got me with her super answer. I do like to imagine that love is a superpower. Wouldn’t it be the strongest of all powers out there?

9. Adriana doesn’t need a lot of words

What is Love and meaning of Life 65

You know that feeling when you listen to someone and they don’t come to the point? Well, Adriana is not that type of person – hahahaha. Just imagine a horrible joke… After 5 minutes of having Sex. She is saying “What just 5 minutes?”. He replies “but it was complete”.

10. Don’t destroy my Screenshot!

What is Love and meaning of Life 66

Just follow my instructions and don’t kill my screenshot. Some girls can’t wait. So curious… Why, why, why =)

Feedback and More

Which answer do you like the most? Which one relates to your personal answer and why? Write me a message. You didn’t get enough? Find a list of the past collections below. Also, feel free to write an article if you feel for it. I don’t have super high standard and you can be totally free on the topic you choose. Just should touch something around philosophy, psychology or Sex. Let us be authentic. Let us be real!