Tinder Answers (9) – What is the meaning of Life and Love?

Another round of Tinder answers. I will mix it with some other sources. What questions do you ask girls on Online Dating apps? Well, one of my “techniques” is to write my 2 questions. They mostly have the purpose to go into deeper conversations. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But if we are honest with each other… Who doesn’t like a good conversation?!

You probably heard the podcast episode already if not I will link below. So my two favorite questions are “What is the sense of life” and “what is love”…. Sometimes I get funny answers, sometimes they are very short and shallow, but you barely hear the same thing twice.

After a while, you also can kind of categories of people. I mean I don’t ask them to answer the question to put them into a box right after, but it gives me a feeling of how much they think about those things. How much they are interested in the topic or how much effort they put into answering these questions. You all know that time is valuable and we tend to limit our energy to things we like. Especially if you are on an app like tinder and most of your time is wasted anyway.

For each blog, I want to share 8-11 of these answers. Some I will comment a bit more, some I leave it blank for you to interpret. So, let’s stop talking and see the first answers:

1. Lets talk

What is Love and meaning of Life 112

Well, she really wants to meet up. Is love your prison or your freedom? What you think?

2. I just want to catch the sunset

What is Love and meaning of Life 101

3. Tantri wants a hug of God – Forever

What is Love and meaning of Life 102

4. Still trying to figure it out

What is Love and meaning of Life 103

Still very good for figuring it out. The fact that we look up to our parents is a very interesting point. It is the first lesson we learn about love. Unfortunately, it can also be very misleading in learning how “normal” something can be which isn’t normal. Maybe leads to toxic relationships later on in our life. I think that even more important about parenting than other things.

5. Love starts with lust

What is Love and meaning of Life 104

Definitely interesting to follow up on the lust part. Wishing someone else nothing but happiness is awesome if it is reciproke. 

6. I have no idea – really!

What is Love and meaning of Life 105

7. Sacrifice? 

What is Love and meaning of Life 106

That got me with mixed feelings. “To live knowing your purpose” is kind of repeating the question. I hope that is not what she sacrificed for the second answer. Would need some follow-up to clarify why love is blind, but maybe that’s also just a general saying?

8. She got me till…

What is Love and meaning of Life 107

… she ended with a biblical phrase. She really left me with the quote.

9. You won’t believe it!

What is Love and meaning of Life 108

Got the same quote again from a Christian. I am not sure at what time this happened but either I was around the US for a while or had two OKCupid matches from Africa. I am sure they are all lovely but its hard to deal with a definition of love if it comes or is repeated from someone else.

10. I am up for Raiza!

What is Love and meaning of Life 109

11. Let’s keep it a Mystery

What is Love and meaning of Life 110

12. Go and take what makes you happy!

What is Love anda meaning of Life 111

Feedback and More

Which answer do you like the most? Which one relates to your personal answer and why? Write me a message. You didn’t get enough? Find a list of the past collections below. Also, feel free to write an article if you feel for it. I don’t have super high standard and you can be totally free on the topic you choose. Just should touch something around philosophy, psychology or Sex. Let us be authentic. Let us be real!